Making Reusable Invoke Workflow Activity

Hi All,

I am in the midst of creating reusable components for others to utilise.

Currently, I have created a few plug-and-play activities (Snippets) for others to quickly use. I have also created a couple of templates for workflows that does not change over time for users to quickly modify to suit their needs.

Currently, I am planning to also create reusable invoke workflow activities where (just like calling an api), these .xaml will be placed somewhere and users who wishes to call theses workflows, will provide the necessary parameters.

There is a couple of questions I would like to understand better:

  1. What is the proper naming convention for ‘reusable invoke workflow activities’ ? My understanding is that this will be considered as libraries (About Libraries) (i.e. neither a snippet nor a template) where user will download the library, and for the activities in the library, provide the input arguments required, to obtain the output. Is this correct?

  2. In the enterprise platform, is there a recommended location where are all these reusable components are placed (e.g. some where in orchestrator). This is to both allow others to access them easily, and also for me to update these reusable components easily? For instance, when I was using standalone studio, for snippets, I usually ask users to put the snippet folder i created into C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Snippets\

Thanks for the help in advance!


You are looking like this?