Returning multiple value for lookup table

Hi experts,

I’m trying to use the look-up activity to look up the company name in the excel file and return the banks which the company uses. However, it only returns the first bank that the robot is able to look up. For example, the company uses ICBC, BOC and Citibank. My process is only able to capture ICBC and not the rest. How do I resolve this?


HI @lq_c

Can you share the sample text

You can try with Regex to extract the first string



Hi @lq_c

Run lookup in a loop and change the start range as per the previous returned cell number. At the start give give the range as A1 once …and in the loop change this to the previous cell returned +1 then you will get all

Else read into datatable and then perform look up datatable in the same way



If you datatable is like the following image, the attached sample will help you.

arrBank = dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r("CompanyName").ToString="B").Select(Function(r) r("Bank").ToString).ToArray() (2.7 KB)