Read excel multiple data at one time


I want to look up data within the excel data table. However, I have faced several issues,

  1. in 1 data table, data might be the same
  2. lookup range only find the output for the top result.
    I want to create a process relating to data matching

it there any activity i can use to lookup range for 2 variable at same time?


Hi @Amin, I’m not sure I understand your topic but: have you tried activity “Filter Data Table”? You can filter multiple columns from one datatable variable (not from 2 variables unfortunately).

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Hi @oriolsolani


this is sample of the excel file,.
for example
240369411000 have multiple row data.
when ever i used look up range, the result will indicate same cell for those 5 row

so i need find this number for all row

Hope u understand it.


you can always loop the table with the “For Each Row” activity and then check if the value is a specific one, with an “IF” activity. Would this work?