Look up Data table for a specific text

Hi. I search a value in Excel file by using Look Up Data Table. But the result is not only my text, it also finds including my text. I want to find only my text not the text including my text. For example I want to look for “abc” not “abc def”. What can I do for this?


could you please tell me “abc def” is in one cell?

Are you able to get the “abc def” value. if yes you can achieve that by using below method

After performing the LookUp DataTable.

VariableName=VariableName.split(" ".ToCharArrey)(0)


Where Abc is a string variable.


This is the output.



Yeah this is problem with the lookup data table activity it will not search with the fixed values. How about below DT functions. will it work for you.

dtRow = YourDT.Select(“YourColumnName=‘abc’”)
RowNUmber = YourDT.Rows.IndexOf(dtRow(0)) + 1

with the above expressions we could get the correct row number for the fixed value. please try and let us know. thanks.

DTLookupDemo.zip (8.4 KB)

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