Retrying the Queue items for Limited number of times for System Exception

Hi All,

I have set the retry count = 2 in the Orchestrator.

But, For every system exception, it is retrying forever.

I want it to stop trying after specified number of times (2) and move to the next transaction.

Hi @veerishu are u trying in reframework

Yes, I am trying in re-framework.

Is it by queue or datatable @veerishu

By queue

Did u put max retry no in configfile?

Combination that i tried.

  1. Max retry in config = 0 and max retry in orchestractor = 2.

  2. Max retry in config = 2 and orchestractor = Disabled.

  3. Max retry in config = 2 and orchestractor = 2.

Try the first one @veerishu

@NIVED_NAMBIAR : Tried all of the above and it didn’t work.

Can u Share the workflow @veerishu