Retry Transaction in case of System Error

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How to use retry mechanism in Re-Framework in case of system error occur.
Suppose i have two transaction which i need to execute using Queue and if for first transaction System error occur then i need to retry with same transaction (i.e. using First transaction)

  • What needs to be change in config file ?
    Please help me on this.



If you are using Orchestrator then while creating the Queue, It will ask for Max# of retries, check as below

This will retry if any Application exception happens


In addition to what @Srini84 said

In config file in constants sheet there is Max retry no u can set it as the retry no there too

But if u are not using queue let’s say u are using datatable method or other apart from using queue u have to set Max retry no there in config file in constants sheet

But if u are using transactionitem as queue item there is no need of setting the max retry
no in the config file as u are already setting in the queue itself ( as what @Srini84 shown )


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Thanks for the solution.

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