Need help in retry mecanism in uipath

How to use retry from config file instead of queue retry

Set the Retry variable in the Config file to a number higher than 0.

i have kept the retry in config file to 3 but still it takes the retry count from queue

If you’re using the REFramework, and have not modified the framework itself, then this should be impossible. Try migrating a part of your process to a blank REFramework template just to see if this still persists. If it does not, it means something was changed in your REFramework template such that it goes to the queue every time.

how can i check this ?
Do i need to set queue auto retry off or auto retry should be on?

If you want to use Orchestrator’s retry feature, set the Config file retry count to 0, and use auto-retry in Orchestrator. There will be a place where you can set the number of retries in Orchestrator as well.