Max retry in RE

What is the default retry times in REFramework?


The default MaxRetryNumber from the Constants sheet of the ‘Data\Config.xlsx’ is 0.

Yes its 0 but the process retries?

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0 indicates there is no retry?

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My understanding is that without changing that value it does not retry. UNLESS you are using an Orchestrator queue.

I am working in queue

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Then that would depend on your settings for that particular queue.

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–if the queue is mentioned with any default value of number of retries then it will retry to that number
–or based ont he value we set in set transaction status here will take it forward
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If there is a retry number specified in the orchestrator queue, then that overrides whatever is set in the config file.

If the config file has 0 max retry. But the transaction is retried?

If 0 will it change the transaction status to retried and new…
It again process it if again fails,
It it changed to retry and again new?..
Will it process in such a way ?

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How is your queue in Orchestrator configured?

let me explain you elaborately
–usually we use retry option is used to handle exception in a robust way based on the type of exception either system or application or busines exception
in that if we have any application exception it will make a retry
–RetryNumber is usually a global variable defined in the variable panel
SetTransactionStatus.xaml is the xaml where the transactionnumber is incremented usually when everything goes good, like io_TransactionNumber gets incremented when the transaction is correct but if the transaction fails due to application error instead of this io_transactionnumber getting incremented, io_retrynumber will get incremented which we can find “Handle system error” sequence
–so this is how it works in REFramework
–in our case we need to check with the config file along constansts sheet and check with the value of MaxRetryNumber as it must be 0 if we are using queues as we would have mentioned there in the queues with max of retires option, or if its greater than 0 been mentioned in the config or queue it will retry till that as maximum limit
–so kindly check once with the queue we have created is it given with any max of retry values and also with config file as well

you are almost done,
–if still we are not clear , run the process in debug mode and set the speed of process as 3/4 hear and run the process so that it will run a bit slower leading us to know the execution of the process and enable highlight option as well under OPTIONS in execute tab
hope this would help you
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Thank you so much @Palaniyappan @nlee1131 @Dave


No worries
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