RE-Frame retry mechanism

Hi All,

I am using RE-Framework to automate a process. I want to implement retry mechanism when one of the items in the queue fails. I have set the MaxRetryNumber in the config to 3. The queue max retry is set to 1 (not sure why but i cant edit this value anymore).

If a queue item fails right now, it does not retry, it simply fails the queue item in orchestrator.

Any one know what i am doing wrong?


If you are using Orchestrator Queue then mention MaxRetryNumber as 0 in the config file. If it failed then it will retry 3 times.

HI Kakshman,

I already tried that, it setting the queue item to fail and does not retry 3 times.

I am guessing the queue item status is set to ‘retried’ and will continue 3 times before eventually failing or passing?

also is the 3 times coming from orchestrator value (which is set 1 for me)?