Retry if fails in flowchart


I have the following flowchart:

To resum what is doing:

Previouse check: Check if there is other connection opened and if is true close this connection
Connection and run query: Basically web site connection and run a query
Data Scraping: Export of the query result to excel.
Flow decision if the result is more less than 6000 results finished. If not run the same query in taking account the total number of rows.
Other flow decisition: compare the total result vs our total files in the excel. If is the same logout and convert csv if not is teh same start again from teh begining.

This is working really fine but i have some questions, is it possible for example if i have any kind of exeption for example in the Connection and run query , start again in the Previouse check ?something like this:

I hope you can help me .


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Hey @christian.romero,

  1. Just Surround your connection sequence in a try-catch
  2. Add exception in catch block and have a flag variable assigned with true or false
  3. After connection sequence add a flow decision and check flag variable is true or false
  4. If true go to previous checks if not proceed.

Hope this helps

Thanks :slight_smile:

in try block make it as flag variable as false from initial stage. please follow the above guidelines .


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