If no result found in the browser

Dear all,

May i know how can i build the workflow for the following situation. Basically i have the process from stage one to stage 10 . And at the stage 6, there could be result found or no result found in the web browser.

  1. If result found , continue from stage 7 to 10.
  2. If no result found, repeat starting from stage 4 again.

Could anyone explain the concept on how i can use to build this?

Hi @SH_94,

You could use a flowchart like that:

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Is this processing one item, getting to step 6 and if there is no result it grabs the next item and starts over? If so, a Try/Catch is the way to go. At step 6 if there is no result, you use a Throw and this bounces you down to the Catch block, skipping the rest of the steps. Then you get the next transaction and start over (via flowchart logic).

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Hi @postwick ,

Yes. it is processing one item. Could you explain further or screenshot of any similar worklfow for mine reference?

I can’t visualise it at this moment.

You can also use a Retry Scope activity from stage 4 to 6 with the condition to continue to 7-10. If the condition is not met, it the activity will retry what is inside of it the amount of times pre-defined.

You didn’t answer my question. Is it processing one item and sometimes needs to skip steps and move to the next item? Or does it need to start back at step 4 for the same item it’s already processing?

Hi @postwick ,

Yes. it is processing one item and sometimes need to skip steps (if no result founds) and move to next item. Basically i use the for each row tool to read each row of data in the excel file. If first document number showing no result after typing into search bar and click enter, then i need to ask Uipath to read second row. If second document number showing result , then it will proceed with the following step.

the workflow basically need to extract attachment from web browser for each document number. But sometimes, there could be no result, then need to read the following row.

A better overall process would be a dispatcher/performer model.


  1. Read entire sheet into a datatable
  2. Use Bulk Add Queue Items to add them to an Orchestrator Queue


  1. Get transaction (if none found, move to end and stop)
  2. Process the transaction, inside a try/catch. If no items found, Throw error which skips the rest of the steps.
  3. Log the result (if you need logging) of this transaction, and set the transaction status to finalize it in the Queue
  4. Loop back to 1

Here is a screenshot of a performer flow:

The benefit of this type of model is it makes both automations (dispatcher and performer) simpler. And using a Queue makes it simple to deal with what you need - skipping the rest of the steps for one item and moving to the next. It also makes it seamless if, say, your performer faults - when you restart it, it just gets the next transaction from the Queue - you don’t have to worry about figuring out where you left off in your loop.