Question regarding "Try Catch"


I’m learning the try catch and I’m trying to understand something.

So I have my flowchart:

1.3 Try Catch has catch that if system exception then it sets variable: error to true, and flow switch then resets the automation.

Inside this 1.3 TryCatch I have another flowchart:

I have 2 questions:

  1. Does it mean that if exception occurs in ANY activities inside the nested flowchart (so the one marked red) then the automation will restart too? (I have no other try catch inside nested (marked red) flowchart.

  2. If lets say in my nested flowchart I put another trycatch will it work? I mean will the trycatch inside nested flowchart be activated first? for example:


  1. Any activity inside try catch…how ever deep it is…the try cathc will catch any exception

  2. You can use nested try catch as well…if the catch block that is the innermost one handles the exception then the process would continue to next step after the try catch and will try to resume from there

Eg: say around 1.3 you have a try catch…then any activity inside it fails then it moves to the correspondinng catch…

Similarly…if there is a inner try catch for few activities…inside the 1.3 …then if those activities fail then first the inner catch catches it and if it is not rethrown or not raising an exception then it would continue else it will move to outer catch as well

Hope this helps



yes if any exception occurs in the try catch then the automation resets

if you want to resets only when the error occurs inside the flowchart then you need to use another try catch for flowchart and in the catch use rethrow so that if any exception occurs then it will redirected to parent try catch (1.3) so that the automation resets


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