Is it advisable to use flowchart in catch section?

Hi Everyone,

@balupad14 My project is getting complex everyday. I am not sure what to do if a case ID ends with error while processing in salesforce. Is it recommendable to use flowchart in the parent catch section(Try catch activity) and retry the entire flow? or how usually exceptions are handled in the projects. If possible anyone could share sample xaml overview?


Hi Ulaga,
Set a try-catch as you mentioned and create a Boolean variable called isSuccess. At the end of the workflow, use an assign activity to set it to True. Otherwise, have the catch exception assign the variable a False value. After the try catch, put in a If Statement or Flow Decision with the condition isSuccess = True. The true branch will have your workflow continuing on, the false branch will loop back to the beginning of your workflow.

@tuanxn thank you. So false means it should go to catch section and complete the entire part and true means it should go to try section as usual. Is that u mentioned?

Hi @Boopathi, here’s an attached workflow that demos what I’m talking about. You can also put the entire thing in a retry scope so it will only retry a certain number of times. The attached workflow will continue to try to find the element indefinitely. Update the selector for the Find Element to a valid element on your screen and you’ll see it go to completion.

Main.xaml (14.9 KB)

Thank you @tuanxn