Resubmission requested (Calculate Client Security Hash assignment)

I’m sorry - I don’t get this. What does this really mean?
a) Should I just wait for results and/or comments, or
b) Should I resubmit?
The “Resubmission requested” appeared shortly after my first submission. :thought_balloon:

I found other post on the topic, but that seems related to technical issues.

I have resubmitted - just to see if anything happens :man_shrugging:

You will not get personal feedback on these submissions. Usually, a 0/100 means that either the process did not work on the external machine or the structure does not match what was expected in the workflow. When you build your REFramework project, make sure:

1.) You follow the walkthrough. Don’t follow the PDD and design your own project, as the automated system is checking for specific things in the project.

2.) Use annotations. I believe the grading system checks if you’re properly annotating your sequences and will take off points if you don’t do it.

3.) Make sure the Orchestrator assets are defined as directed. You’re asked to put your login credentials in Orchestrator under a specific name for the sake of allowing the automatic grading system to check your work without using your credentials.

4.) When testing your project, manually reset the ACME test data multiple times, and test your project multiple times. It might be working in your case now because it’s using old or very specific data where your project has a bug that you can’t see.

Thanks for your feedback, @Anthony_Humphries.
Does this mean that I can expect really fast result? It’s all automated? So result within the hour?

Sometimes it’s quick, but I’ve even had to wait an entire day to get results from the site. Not sure what causes the latency.

I got the result back instantaneously (0/100), less than a second. So it cannot even be run. Does that mean it did not even unzip the code?

My process was working just fine. Now I’ve rewroted and rewroted and done small changes in annotations and so on. Watched videos, followed the (inconsistent) walkthrough over and over. Where could I’ve gone wrong? I searched and searched and searched. My experience was just the same as yours. 0/100. But:
Suddenly it got through. In the end? I don’t know what did the trick. So my question is: What did I learn from this? OK: I’ve got a better understanding of REF, of course, but what was the actual thing that gave me “passed”? I don’t know. One thing is for sure: The project I’ve delivered, is much poorer than my origin one. I’ve started to doubt myself, I guess I’ve given too many describtions and log messages. Nearly all of them are removed in my final delivery. I also got rid of confirming parts, e.g. to check if small parts of process did not fail. Of course: This was not a part of this project, and I guess that disrupted the confirming procedure for the delivery rutine process. For what I am finding in several posts, this experience will give me no help in the delivery routine of next task, as the same struggle will appear all over again.
It’s just like when you are going for your driver license. To get it, you must follow just as your instructor told you to. After achieved your driver license, you may find more of your own driving style. So is the driving instructor always right? Maybe not. But it’s best to shut up about it, and do as you are told. If you fail because of the driving instructor, it is very annoying. Nevertheless, you just have to take the test again. There is no other way.
Keep up the good work, @ui_xpath :v:

this is silly. This is not comparable to a driver’s license test. Computers / robots go by rules. In all times, you have to try to understand the rules, the hows and whys, otherwise even if you passed the test, you are still going/driving blind.

I passed the tests too. How? Because some experienced user has kindly pointed out how to “Properly” submit the test. That is: run your code first, then submit. It had never been the issue with my workflow, it had everything to do with how to submit.

It is too bad the academy is not making that abundantly clear and does not even bother to provide any feedback, and developers like me have wasted countless hours.

Well, shut up and operate in the dark is never, never the way to go.

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