Resubmission request for Client Security Hash project using REFramework

Hi everyone,

I currently doing ‘RPA Developer Advanced’ certification training. I submitted the REFramework assignment for the Client Security Hash project, however, I got a resubmission request without specifying any reason for workflow failure. The same project is working as expected locally without any errors. I have checked the results as per the PDD document. I am using UIPath Studio version 2021.10.5, which I believe is the latest version.

Also in the Results tab of the submission page, I see 0/100 in grades. I am not sure what is wrong with my assignment.

Please help me out here as I am not able to proceed to the next section of the training.

Thanks in advance!

Hi can you share your file in here ,

and dont forget to manually check your result and match it with result processed by robot !!


Before submitting just check the ACME credentials are the same as what you do in the academy . Also check the version of Studio you are using and the connection with the orchestrator