. I am submitting the assignment, but I immediately get a 0/100 score upon submitting my assignment

Hi everyone,

I currently doing ‘RPA Developer Advanced’ certification training. I submitted the REFramework assignment for the Client Security Hash project, however, I got a resubmission request without specifying any reason for workflow failure. The same project is working as expected locally without any errors. I have checked the results as per the PDD document. I am using UIPath Studio version 2021.10.5, which I believe is the latest version.

Also in the Results tab of the submission page, I see 0/100 in grades. I am not sure what is wrong with my assignment.

Please help me out here as I am not able to proceed to the next section of the training.

Checked every step with uipath technical assistant and uipath forum but not clue

Don’t reset the WorkItems before uploading the Assessment for evaluation.

All WorkItems status should be completed.

Credentials should be same for both ACME and UiPath Academy site.

Don’t hardcode any values inside the process like Credentials, File path etc.

Record the session while process executing and upload the video along with Code.(Optional)

Please help me on this, I am frustrated two weeks

Thanks in advance!

Make sure you are doing everything as per PDD provided to you, not from youtube videos or any other material and the names of variables and arguments are as per pdd

Everything completed by PDD

Variable/Argument names? get transaction state as per pdd?

Yes Everything

filtration of data is proper? if yes just check once that all data is getting updated perfectly in acme

Yes Everything Perfectly getting data.

If you can check my workflow,Please share mail id


Claculate Client Security Hash REFrameWork_1.zip (2.6 MB)
Please look at this code and make necessary changes to this is my code so you can check I have reviewed your code but that was not with best practice so I am sharing it with you to understand please go through the PDD it was not as mentioned

Can we handle on chrome web browser?

Check the With internet Explorer.

Or Raise the request the UiPath.

Thank You!

yes we can use chrome, firefox or any other supported browser

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