Resons to use Cloud of you have on-premises Orchestrator?

Hi! We manage our own Orchestrator server, but I see there are some useful resources when I log into
So we have not connected anything to cloud, no robots, licenses, processes etc.

Some useful feature is the Resources e.g. Orchestrator Mobile App.
But Actions, Data Service AI Fabric is unavailable (returns to Home screen).

Are there any uses for Cloud when you have on-premises Orchestrator?
Do you need it to get API-keys for UiPath ML actions?

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hi @Ferdinand

Uipath offers you to deploy the Orchestrator as you want .

  1. On-Premises
  2. Cloud

as you mentioned you are managing your On-Premises server, But remember is a Community version hosted by Uipath to access anyone for community and learning , testing purposes, and its free for that (not for enterprise use )

you may use most probably an old version of orchestrator and will be updated frequently automatically with the new updates and features

To get those features into you On-Premises Orchestrator you have to Upgrade your Orchestrator with a newer version of the currently available (Always go for the Enterprise Versions)

And even you upgrade the Orchestrator you are not able to see the Actions, Data Service AI Fabric on your orchestrator because those are Product of Uipath and You if you need those , then you have to purchase those into your current license.

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You can also use the Enterprise Cloud solution, with all the available features. And that is not Community version. You can go from the trial to understand if that’s the most accurate option for your operation environment.

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