On-Premise Orchestration vs Cloud Orchestration

I am looking for the best option that can fit my organization needs. It’s a growing company with limited automation processes. Can anybody please suggest the differences between On-Premise and Cloud orchestration?

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Both are the same product. The difference is on-prem Orchestrator needs to be deployed on your own server which you will need to configure and prepare from scratch. Cloud one is already deployed and you just need to set it up to your company and allow the traffic go through it so robots can work like they should.

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Here is the link to the official page on the differences stated by UiPath.

I agree these are some of the differences. But I think there are more differences than that.

Does the On-Premises version have:
a) Automation Hub
b) Data Services
c) Apps

Can the Cloud version scale up for extremely large loads of machines, automations, and the data needed to support such large environments?

Can we address these points as well? Can someone from @uipath address these?

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Here is the exhaustive link from UiPath docs.