UiPath Cloud's relationship with Robots

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading the UiPath Automation Cloud documentation and marketing information, and I would like some further clarification please.

It appears to me that the UiPath Cloud replaces the need for an on-premise Orchestrator and necessary infrastructure that comes with that (e.g. database, redis etc).

It also appears to me as if the UiPath Cloud does not include the machines on which the Robots will run, and that these machines will need to be hosted on-premise (or in a private cloud), in the same way that would be required if using an on-premise Orchestrator.

Is my understanding correct? Or does UiPath Cloud include UiPath hosted machines?

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Hi Ivor,

You are correct. You still have to provide the machines were the robots will run.

There’s a new concept incoming call Cloud Robots/ Robots OnDemand (Still in pipeline for a name I think) where you will provide a pool of VMs from a Cloud provider (like Azure or AWS) and the Orchestrator cloud will do the management for you. But for now this is still on preview and I wouldn’t count on it for the near future

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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