Reset queue items with status “In Progress “

I am using orchestrator queues to update work items on ACME System 1.
While running, I encountered some errors and two queue items on my Orchestrator queue were left “In Progress” after the bot has crashed.

I need to re-try the two items .
How can I get the robot to fetch these items again for processing?

The items which are in-progress can’t be re-processed by calling Get Transaction Item.
Approx. after 24 hrs the items will be abandoned.

The only way is to re-add the work items back to the queue. You can re-run the program so only the work items which are not complete will be added and processed by the performer process.

Karthik Byggari


Thanks Karthik,

Managed to pass the assessment without the missing transactions


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I have a workflow designed in RE Framework. It has to run at scheduled time on daily basis which uses the Queue items and processes.

First time, It processes the queue items and updates queue items status to successful after successful process completion.

Next time when I run the same workflow, it is not processing the queue items as the queue item status during first run changed to Successful and Get transaction data within RE framework saying no new transaction to process.

How to run the same process in this situation?