Required help how to code below scenario

Hi team,

From the below screen i have to check in the action column whether everything is in “preview return” or not one more point is like but in the action column we have a list of items in the drop down i have to just check everything is in “preview return” or not .

So i have tried using data scrapping and checking whether everything is in "preview return " or not but when i am doing data scrapping i am getting all the information contains in the drop dwn as well. for example in drop down we have list of information like preview return, non return, high return like this it is printing everything .So can any one please suggest how to do this scenario.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi, @yandrathiramya,

In your case I have a question, when going through the data scrapping wizard you started marking columns from the left side? (From Job No. for example) If yes, I would suggest you not to scrape all data at first, just to try getting the action column value. With these kind of elements you can get a few selections of selectors which will results different values and when you scrape the whole table on of these seems returns all action list. Hope this helps or waiting for more info in this case :slight_smile:

Hi @yandrathiramya ,

Considering question how to code the below scenario. I will suggest to go for extracting the whole table leaving/Removing Action Column and adding New blank column to see the latest status of Action (use Anchor Property). Use get Text activity and see what’s value is retrieved and based on that value the Next condition can be set.

Hi @yandrathiramya

You can use data scrapping for all the other columns(if you need that), then use get text activity or get attribute activity to get action values by iterating table row count in selector.

After getting action value, you can validate if the output is equals to preview return.

Happy Automation.