Queries On how to check specific elements in the screen

Hi Team,
After i have logged in to the application the above screen will be appeared there are around 100 jobs in that page and have check for all the jobs if it is having “Preview Returns” in the action tab or not.
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Hey @yandrathiramya,

We can follow various approaches to achieve the same.

  1. Extract the entire table in structured format & use string manipulation to identify every row has preview return value.


  1. Web scraping with idx
  • Find the selector for the first table row (tr) element & add idx = '1' if its not available by default
  • Increment the idx count by a variable and check if row is present
  • IF row is present then check that row has preview return with same idx
  • Continue the loop, break once if any row doesn’t have preview return dd

Hope this helps.

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Hi @yandrathiramya

In addition to what @Nithinkrishna said

Try this

Datascrape only the action part and store in dt1 datatable

Now use the condition

dt1.AsEnumerable().Where(Function (row) row(“Action”).ToString.Equals(“Preview Return”)).CopyToDataTable.Count= dt.Rows.Count

If the above condition is true then all 100 jobs have preview return action otherwise not

For this use if Condition

Hope it helps you


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Thankyou for your response, I have tried the solution but i couldn’t able to code .Can you please send me the code if possible as i am new to uipath.

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