Require best approach to automate 100+ websites

I want to automate 100+ ecommerce websites. Which approach is the best to automate.


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Hi @BalaManikanta_007

What do you want to automate, precisely?

Amazon, flipkart,etc

Ok, but which actions?

Retriving data? Comparing prices? Adding things to cart?

To verify different payment gateways

Hi @BalaManikanta_007

Glad talking to you

I got to understand your query somehow partially but kindly elaborate a bit more on the process till final outcome so that we can come up with a solution for it


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I want to verify the payment gateway for 100+ e-commerce websites.
On each website, I will enter card details and related information to complete the transaction.

Then we can have all the web URLs in a excel or any data structure and read it with read range activity if it’s a excel and iterate through each value with a for each row activity and use open browser to open the url and enter the details with type into activity

To verify or validate data we can get the value from web with GET TEXT or screen scrapping

Or just to see and check for a element on web then element exists or image exists can help us on this

Cheers @BalaManikanta_007

Bro, have you know? How to read mobile OTP in uipath??

I have an approach correct me if it possible or not??

i will install google messages and make it as default. So , all the messages will be available in the google messages app. Through API can I read those messages??

Yeah we can
And by the way is there any option on reading the same OTP from mail
Because sometimes OTP will be sent to both mail and sms