How to perform multiple web application verification using UiPath

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My problem: When there are OS patches, I need to verify whether the web applications I am supporting are running fine manually by opening and verifying the critical functions in each web application.

I would like to automate the verification using UiPath. I have created a robot to verify for 2 applications and it is working fine (running in sequence).

Since I am having more than 20 applications to verify (with some coming from other team members), what is the best way to automate this. I have list of all the applications and their links in an excel spreadsheet. Can I use this spreadsheet in any way for looping through the applications.

PS: Verification means: opening the web page, click a button to save information, verify whether the page is redirecting after save etc.

I am confused on how best to implement the above task. Is standard implementation (using Sequence and FlowChart) will do or I need to use ReFramework. Please advise.

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You can use RE-Framework for performing the same.

Create a queue and send the links as the transaction item to the queue.
You can execute the queue items by one or more robots depending on the availability.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @PhaniKumarM

You can have an excel sheet with roughly following columns, which will help you to generalize the task for each new web application.

  1. Application Name
  2. URL
  3. SaveButtonSelector
  4. RedirectURL

Using REFramework will give better flexibility and exception handling mechanism.


Thank you all. Could you please help to elaborate on how to use the below:

  1. SaveButtonSelector
  2. RedirectURL

I was thinking of doing the following:

  1. Create library for each application with manual recording of steps to be tested.
  2. Attach the library(s) to the ReFramework.
  3. Read excel spreadsheet with the application name and url (to open the app in browser)
  4. Run the sequence based on condition (application name)
  5. After verification - send email to the user supporting the application.

Please let me know if I am going in right direction.

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This should work fine for your needs.