Extracting data from multiple wesites

I have multiple e-commerce websites that are stored in a excelsheet I want to loop through them and open each time a website and extract the price and put it in a excel to compare between them the problem is that the structure of websites are not the same so the extraction have to change in every website ( I have to use dynamic selection) I didn’t find something that match all the websites

You’ll have to build an extraction for each site and then use a Switch or Else If to use the correct extraction method depending upon which site you’re on.

Hello @ichrak_jrad ,

Is this list of websites fixed or will it change (Total how many websites are there)? Also from the webpage are you searching for some items and getting the price of all available products and adding to Excel or some other requirement?

it can be change because the list of url are not predefined . the client can put any url he want in the excel file so when he excute the robot each time the robot open a website search for a product name (product name are stored in a excel file)and then extract the price until all the websites finish

but i don’t know how many websites are stored in the excel file because every time the client can add or change a url in the excel file and then he excute the robot and extract the price in every website until all the websites finish

You’ll have to build extractions for each site. If they put in a site that you haven’t built an extraction for, then the automation should notify you so you can build the extraction. Over time you’ll get them all built.

Can you share any 2 sample websites… Here this is little tricky as the URLs are dynamic and the items to search also will vary…

As this will be a UI based automation need to approach this automation carefully considering the possibility of failures and unwanted exceptions during the data extraction

Plz share 2 URLs will check.

i cannot identify the websites and the number of all websites

I’m saying build it as you go. There’s no other way. Every web site is different. UiPath can’t just figure it out, you have to build each one as they’re added to your list.