Reports Through RPA

Can any body tell me if we can create reports through orchestrator or any uipath activity? if yes how can we?

Hi @goharmalik.

Report means what you are expecting . For example you can able to create report in the excel.word,pdf.


yes @balupad14 reports means in excel or pdf or any other may be which uipath supports or generates

yes it supports these files.

I think that you are newb to uipath. My advice is better take look in the academy course

And a quick video that to write excel to datatable


sure i will look into these but my question is can we create reports in excel or pdf through it or through orchestrator ?

HI @goharmalik
You can able to create the report(Excel or PDF) by robot(Developed by Uipath Studio).


How can i create a report can you guide me a bit

Hi @goharmalik,

First I want to know . what you are expecting. If you watched the video that I have above attached, you come to a conclusion that you can able to create the excel report or not.

Sample File : (1.8 KB)

Data :




actualy i want to generate the report of the data that i entered i want to know through report whether data has been entered or not i hope you got my point

Hi goharmalik,

You can create report by logging in the data that you want to validate against in the Excel Sheet and later validate it.

For example,
If the following is your Process

  1. Open the application
  2. Enter some data
  3. Perform your validations
  4. Exit the application

You can definitely create a Excel Report with all the steps in it after entering the data by placing the Input Data in one column and the corresponding steps that the Bot followed for each of the Input Data in next column .
example, it can say, after entering the data, you can probably print something like " entered the data + Variable " and a timestamp with it so you know what all steps that bot has gone through.

Let me know if you are looking for something like this, then I can help you build such report.


HI @GSR was out of station so could not reply back. yes i am looking something like what you said can you send the sample of it.