Report generating

Hi Guys,

It is possible to generate report using UI path.

Thanks in advance.

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I think we need some more information to suggest something here. Though I am sure it can generate the report.


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Hi prankurjoshi,

Can i generate a report on my testing flow using UI path or can you help me out with the types of reports that can be generated using UI Path

Thanks in advance.

What @PrankurJoshi means is that we need more information, for example do you want an Excel report, a PDF, an email to be sent? What is it that you’d like? What needs to be in the report?

Hi Alex_cross,

I am basically a Quality Analyst. I use UI Path to test websites. I want my test report generated in an excel format. Please help!.

What is it you’re testing? Something you could do which might give you a good start is to use the “Record” feature to do whatever it is you do to test a website and record results into Excel, then you can use that as a basis to build the larger process?

Excel Application Scope activity in UiPath allows you to interact easily with Excel files, so you could use UiPath to open an excel workbook, then use “Write Cell/Range” to input any required information, before saving the file, would that work?

Hello Alex,

Thanks for your suggestion. Will work on it and let you know.


Good morning,

When the user logs in a website using the user name and password, an alert message has to be displayed saying the details of the login credentials. Can this scenario be created in the UI path? Please Help.

Would you like a pop up box? As this activity essentially pauses the progress of the tool until they click ok? If you’re fine with that, “Message Box” would do that, and you can use the variable for Username as the text it will display. Otherwise you could use a “Log Message” and it would record it in Orchestrator job logs.


I am automating desktop application using Uipath community version. How can I create the result report after a successful run.

Please help!!!

Hi All,

I have developed one custom activity package named “ReporterForUiPath” which can satisfy all your reporting needs.

Some of the benefits are:

  1. It can generate multiple reports as per requirement.
  2. Module wise segregation of tests.
  3. Takes screenshots of each step.
  4. Records execution in .avi format.
  5. Generates a beautiful dashboard for quick analysis.
  6. We can also log the messages.
  7. After the execution it will also send the detailed execution summary with the report as an attachment.

You can directly add this package from the manage packages section or alternatively, you can download it from the UiPath marketplace.

Marketplace link: Reporter for UiPath - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
Youtube Tutorial Video: A Complete Demonstration of ReporterForUipath - YouTube

Thanks :blush:

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