How to genrate report using RPA with UiPath

can I genrate report using UiPath. For Example - If I have Created 4 Scripts and want to run all of them one by one and generate a Report, How do I do this?

Before using (RPA) UiPath I am using a robot framework for generating report. Is it possible with UiPath.
Please Help.


Of course is possible and better if you REFramework.
but, I still confuse with your question “How do I do this?” could you more specific.

I want to generate report of scripts which i have done. Using UiPath But I dont know how to this.
I have genrated more testing result with Robot Framework. But now i want to know how to do this with UiPath.

no I more confuse, what do you mean “generate report of scripts”?

Do you know Robot Framework?

I Know REFramework. so you mean, you want to generate report using framework?

I want to genrate report using RPA. Can it is possible.

yes it’s possible, how to generate report that you can learn from Advance Training.

ok. thank you

in which scenarios RPA is used?

you just need to do whole advance training then they will give you some document how RPA works.

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