Report Generation

How can we create a custom report as excel or pdf at the end of execution in uipath? Is there any 3rd party report generation supported by uipath and how to use it?


It’s based on the requirements buddy
—usually we will be creating our final report with Excel based activities or workbook related activities With write range activity
That would create the final report with the resultant we have as a outcome of each process

—While coming to create a new pdf as a final report
We can use uipath.word.activities from which use word application scope activity and create a word document with Append range activity and use Export to pdf activity to convert that as pdf

This is how we would create output reports with excel and pdf
Hope this would help you
Cheers @monish06


Great suggestion Palan.

In addition to this, you could also format your Excel file using macros or custom UiPath go components and then save your Excel file as a PDF.

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