Office365 Activities Reply To a Message

I want to Reply To a Mail using Office365 Mail Activities. I found that the SendMail Activities takes an argument Reply To. I don’t know how it works. I want to reply to a particular message with my comments. I didn’t see any arguments that takes the actual message and reply to that mail. Let me know how I need to use reply-to argument.


I haven’t used Office365 activities yet, but i just took a look and it seems to me like you only provide a string array with your recipients’ addresses. Seems to me as if the property is identical in function with the “To” property.

To “forward” the actual message you probably need to build it yourself and insert it in the Body property.

So if you have a MailMessage object you want to take the Body of that mail (plain text or html) as string and put your own message in front of it with string manipulation.

Interestingly - Send Outlook Mail Message and Send Exchange Mail Message both got “Forward” properties, where you can just insert a MailMessage object. Maybe take a look into those :wink: