How can I reply in mail chain using exchange activity ? Note : Reply Outlook should not be used

Using Exchange activity only

Note : Reply Outlook should not be used

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Hey @hnyadav

You can use Send Exchange Mail Message with custom configuration like,

  1. Preparing subject with RE: prefix

  2. Framing body with HTML will better to add your reply text on top

  3. Placing recipients properly from the retrieved mail object using Get Exchange Mails

Hope this helps.



Welcome back to UiPath forum

First I would like to clarify that there is unfortunately no direct activity to send a reply mail especially with EXCHANGE activity

We have it only for outlook

But it can be mimicked in a way like sending a reply mail
It’s possible in that way

Here you go with the steps on how to do that

Here I have outlook you can do the same with exchange activity

MailReply.xaml (10.7 KB)

Reply :

Reply All:



nothing fancy, just adding few lines. Might saves others time.

subject = "Re: " + email.Subject

body = newReply+Environment.NewLine+Environment.NewLine+"From: "+ email.From.Address+Environment.NewLine+"Sent: "+email.Headers.Get("date")+Environment.NewLine+"To: "+string.Join(",",email.To) +Environment.NewLine+"Cc: "+string.Join(",",email.CC)+Environment.NewLine+"Subject: "+email.Subject+ Environment.NewLine+ email.Body

For more details on a similar note we had excellent discussion here with sample workflows

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @hnyadav

I think you didn’t read my question properly, I have mentioned “reply in same mail chain”.
You solution doesn’t reply in a same mail chain.


That’s why I said it’s not directly possible

We can only recreate it for exchange

Even if you see the below expression I would have recreated in such a way that

  1. First starts with subject with RE:

  2. Then even in mail body we will be mention the new mail body first and then recreate the same way how it looks it we reply back to that mail

Scroll the below post from right to left and try with the expression
I think you didn’t see the post completely

Cheers @hnyadav


This is not the solution I was looking for though I was already knew directly reply option.

Thank you

Yeah it is possible with outlook activity where we have a activity to reply to the mail in specific

But for exchange it’s yet to be included with the package
Hopefully will be added in future releases I believe

Cheers @hnyadav