Reply to Outlook Mail Message activity - mail gets stuck in Outbox folder

I am using Reply to Outlook Mail Message activity. The mail gets stuck in Outbox folder and doesn’t send unless i open the machine. This is in Production and I cant keep opening the machine always. Please help!

@Mahalakshmi - try to disable the Outlook cache mode and check…
pls follow below steps to disable…
-Launch Outlook on the computer you use to check your mail.
-Click the “File” menu and select “Account Settings.”
-Click “Account Settings” again to view a list of email accounts linked to Outlook.
-Select the Exchange server account for which you want to disabled cached mode, and then click “Change.”
-Clear the check mark in the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” box.
-Click “Next,” “OK” and then “Finish.”
-Restart Outlook to begin using your Exchange account in online mode.


Thanks for the revert. I have tried the above, I see that the mail is still stuck at Outbox.

Hi ! have you found a solution on this? we are facing the same problem. We did get to 98% emails sent, by opening outlook at the start of the prozess, so the activity runs with a open application in the background. but in a few cases there are still emails stuck in outbox. this happens since we switched to exchange online.