Mail sending from second Outlook account is stuck in Outbox

I’m using Send Outlook Mail Message activity to send mail with the Account input set to a secondary account. The mail won’t be send and will just be stuck in the second account’s Outbox.
Sending the same mail using my main account works just fine.

There’s a possibility that all I need is to change some settings on Outlook but I don’t know how.


→ Try opening the outlook before Send Outlook Mail Message Activity and also add some logic to close the outlook only if the outbox is empty or a slight delay for the mail to go out from the outbox. This might help.

This can happen if you are using native approach and there is some network disruption or any similar issue. That’s why we have modern authentication that works on the server side. Try checking it too if it works for you :slight_smile:



Instead of using the Send outlook mail message activity take the Use Desktop outlook app activity and in the account dropdown select the second account. Inside use desktop outlook app activity insert the send email activity and in account field pass the outlook as shown in the below image.

Or else you can use the send smtp mail message activity give the second outlook username and password details in the properties.

Hope it helps!!


You can also try with “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity instead. Configure it with the SMTP settings of the secondary account. This approach bypasses Outlook and sends the email directly using SMTP.