Send Outlook Mail Message - Email gets stuck in outbox


I have a problem when I’m using the Send Outlook Mail Message. Sometimes the email remains on the “Outbox” folder in Outlook.

When the process stops running, I open the Outlook and instantaneously the email is sent.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Thank you in advance,

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Open outlook with admin access and try

@lakshman can you explain please?

Hi Franciso,

This happens when the outlook account is not online (works offline). If you run the robot and the outlook is in this mode, messages will stay in the outbox until you set outlook to online. This is a normal behavior. Meaning, if you want to send email via outlook, make sure the outlook account is online.


Run as outlook application with administrator and also make sure at time of BOT running outlook application will be open.


I have the same issue, sometimes the email is sent successfully, other times the email gets stuck in the outbox.
I allways open the Outlook before sending the email.
Does anyone knows how to solve this?

Thank you

Send Exchange Mail Message activity would do good regardless of the outlook is opened/closed.

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Hello Bruna,

After sending the emails, I’m going to check if there are emails in the Outbox. If yes, send hot key F9 to send/receive all messages with the Outlook application opened and wait a few seconds. You can retry this cycle or finish the process after one try. For me it was worked fine until now.


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For hotkey, are you indicating the selector? Are you opening outlook through start process or open application? Please let me know if any delays are used. I’m facing this issue for Reply To Outlook Mail Message activity.

Hello @Mahalakshmi,

  • For hotkey I’m not indicating the selector. In activity settings, I select “Activate” and “Special Key”.

  • Opening Outlook → open application.

  • After hotkey (F9) I have one delay with 15 seconds.

Hope it can help.

Best regards.

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