I need to open outlook app (idle) for activity : Send Outlook Mail Message?

I’m so sorry to bother you.

I just starting use activity Send Outlook Mail Message

I’ve some question

  • For 1 mail : sent mail completed.
  • For Many mails (Loop Activities) : I must use Delay in each send item for completed all mails.
  • For Many mails and Attached file (file size not over 1MB) : for this case I must open outlook app for completed mail with attached file / if I not open outlook app mail will not send.
    and after I checked in outlook app I will see all mails in outbox (sending). and all mails will be send after this time.

Please let me know this is normal situation or not ?
Before I using this activity I used SMTP.

Sorry if this is ez question for you.

Thankss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @Hyde,

Send SMTP or exchange mails are more reliable. I would suggest you to shift.
When you send multiple mails delay is used, its common.



While using outlook yea we are seeing this issue of getting stuck in outbox that too when multiple mails are being sent using attachments in loop…

You can use a mechanism to wait till mail is sent completely…in the loop after sending mail use get mail messages and get the first mail from aent items and check if its the mail sent right not…if not then wait and check agin…and then proceed further…

We can also check outbox instead of send…both would work

Hope this helps



Thank you for your suggestion.
I’m very happy with send SMTP activity , I used it over 1 year.
But this week something change with my SMTP server / or system.
I cannot use it this time / and I have no time for wait it solve.

I will try to use exchange mail.

Thank you so much.


Thank you for understand my question (I’m not good in English)

I will try to study activity get mail messages.

Thank you so muchhh.

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Sorry for ask again.

Send Exchange Mail Message is mail server (like SMTP ?)
My company only use STMP server.
Maybe I must be continue use Send Outlook Mail Message and wait something of my SMTP solve.

Thanksss :rofl: :rofl:


Then you can use send outlook activity itself. You can use start process activity or open application activity to lauch outlook in the begining of the process. This would help in sending large attachments smoothly.

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