Replay to Email conversation

Hi ,

I want reply to email conversation, i dont find a command to reply to the same email.
i tried using HTML tags, also tried using other suggestions available on forum but i dont see anything helpful such that i can reply to the email with look and feel of the email looks exactly same like email reply.


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In UIPath, we don’t have any activity to reply to that mail.

  1. After reading mails using Get Outlook mail message and will give you output as List(MailMessage).
  2. Then iterate it using For Each activity.

If item.subject.contains(“required mail”)

Then use send Outlook mail activity to reply mail to that and specify below things:

To: item.From.Tostring
Subject: "RE: "+item.subject.toString
Body: write what you want to reply to that mail.

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Add ing to what lakshman said, you can have filter property as [ReceivedTime]=now.tostring
This will give you mail for the present time and you can use accordingly.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

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Hi Lakshman and Pavan,

I have already tried that, but i want exact look and feel.
let me give you example.
Bot output:-
Hi XYZ ,


Thanks ,

Sent: 03/21/2019 14:06:13
Subject: Email Test
HI All,

Prev BoDy

Thanks and Regards,


Expected OutPut-

Hi afadf,




Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2019 2:06 PM
Subject: Email Test

HI All,

Prev Body

Thanks and Regards,


Note:-So basically whenever you hit reply to the email , “From”,“CC”,“Subject” and other details related to prev email becomes bold whereas that is not happening with approach Lakshman has mentioned( that i tried long back)
Hence i want some solution so that look and feel of the email remains same.


That bold and all not possible. If you want that you can use html code for look and feel. Make sure that IsBodyHtml property is checked.

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i tried with isBody HTML but that also does not work as it is changing the look and feel of the email conversation