Rename the title of the Notepad file from “File_123421.txt” to “File_*.txt” in the Edit Selector section

Hi, I am having trouble with this:
In the Edit Selector panel of the Selector Editor window, rename the
title of the Notepad file from “File_123421.txt” to “File_.txt” in the Edit*
Selector section.

It won’t Validate. What am I doing wrong here?


For now, can you try to add * character at the beginning of the attribute as the following, because notepad automatically add asterisks if data is edited and not saved?

'*File_*.txt - Notepad'


Welcome to the UiPath Community Forums @Katrin_Eva :partying_face:

Can you tell us more about the problem? Does it occur after you have renamed/saved the text file?

If you only have one Txt file open at a time, try the following selector:


This should work for any text file.



Hi @Katrin_Eva

Try use a wildcard and give in below way. This would help.


This will move any file that matches the pattern "File_.txt" from the source folder to the destination folder while renaming it accordingly. The asterisk () acts as a wildcard, allowing you to match multiple files with similar names.

Hope it helps!!