Unable to type text into notepad

I tried doing the scenario mentioned below but could see that “Texts are not getting typed into the notepad”. Also, there is no error and the workflow works as expected except the text not being typed into.

Please help me knowing the exact issue as I am unable to find the same.

Scenario is as below:

Create a sequence that does the following Notepad automation:
  1. Asks the user for the text to be typed.
  2. Asks the user for the title under which the file should be saved.
  3. Opens Notepad .
  4. Types the user’s text.
  5. Changes the font style to bold and its size to 16.
  6. Navigates to Save as to save the file with the user’s title.
    Edit: PFA workflow file below.
    Lesson4_Practice1.zip (127.3 KB)


Could you please run the workflow in debug mode to know exact error. And also check Selectors for those activities once.

Hi @Ashish_Verma,

Just make sure you are using selector properly, probably you need to use wildcards to make your selector flexible.
You can go through this link for more information.
Following link have the example of notepad.


Hi @Ashish_Verma,
Have you tried to use Simulate Type property from the right pane of Type Into activity?

Yes I tried but that didn’t work. Also, I tried SendWindowMessages and this also didn’t work. I have attached my workflow file. Please have a look.

I followed exactly the same written in the studio notes but couldn’t see the asterisk* coming up there. I have attached my workflow file. Please have a look.

Didn’t see any error. Check the selectors multiple times as commented by other but nothing works. I think I am missing something very silly here but couldn’t figure it out.

Hi @Ashish_Verma:

Here is your problem

Delete the first variable text which scope is “Do” then it will work and Please mark the answer as solution if it will work for you.


Awesome. It works perfect. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

No worries. @Ashish_Verma

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