How to debug error using wildcard?

“Run the workflow. It will give an error called ‘Selector Not Found.’

Debug this error using wildcard.”

So I ran the workflow and it gave me the error.
How do I debug error using wildcard??


From the above image, title is not matched b/w 123421 and 43153.

As general approach, it’s good to replace non-fixed string with asterisk as the following.

 title='File_*.txt - Notepad'

And also the following topic might help you, because notepad automatically adds asterisk at the beginning of the title if it’s modified and not saved.


Where do I click to be able to do that?


Does this error at AttachWindow activity? If so, first, Click [...]button at Selector property in Properties panel, then edit title attribute in Selector editor, as the following.


Ok I did that and clicked “run” then this came up


Can you try to replace unfixed string with asterisk in SendHotKey activity as same as AttachWindow?

name='*File_*.txt - Notepad'



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It worked yayy!
Clicked run and no errors and all good👌🏻
Thank you so much😃

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