Remove timeout error in Find image/Image exists activity

When I use find image/image exists for “Citrix environment” sometimes, it takes lot of time to load and it shows “Time out error”. Please tell me how to remove this error and allow the activity to wait for more time. I don’t want to use it Delay activity as its not reliable in this case. Thanks in advance.

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For Image Exists Activity change WaitForReady property from None to Interactive and then try.

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yes you were right, its always good to avoid delay in our workflow unless we dont have an option to access with element or image…
Now to your scenario, as you would like increase the time from being now with a default value of 30 seconds, either it is a find image or image exists, you have an option called TimeoutMS property in both the activities where you can mention the time you want to increase with
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Mention the time here and try this and let know buddy
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try this way

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I have an item that may sometimes take 30min to 1 hour to perform, and after that, I need to perform the next steps.
How can I wait for image in that case?

Note: working in citrix environment