Image Exists Activity

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I’m having a strange problem with the Image Exists activity. For some reason, the activity is waiting the full 30 second timeout before moving on in the process, even though the screen is available to robot.

The properties set are:
Timeout 30000

How can I force it to move on as soon as the image is available without waiting for the full 30 seconds?



Hi @darrens.

Please try setting WaitForReady: NONE or INTERACTIVE

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Thanks for the reply Jan. Just to confirm. If I set to NONE or INTERACTIVE, could the screen not be available though and the robot try to process?


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Default Timeout value is 30 seconds that is 30000 milliseconds
Usually when the element or image is found within that timespan the activity will get executed
and here the reason why its waiting till 30 seconds is because the button or image is not yet loaded completely and moreover we have chosen COMPLETE option in wait for ready property, which will eventually wait unless the element tagged to that image completely gets loaded.

so on using NONE or INTERACTIVE, what happens is the process does not wait for anything except the target UI element to exist before executing the action. Note that this may have unwanted consequences if the button relies on elements which are not yet loaded, such as scripts.

So increase the Timeout to 60000 like 1 minute and set the Waitforready property as None and try once

As it is image kindly check once with the accuracy property and set it to 0.5 as the default value is 0.8

hope this would help you
Cheers @darrens

Thanks you for that. I will give your suggestions a try.



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Cheers @darrens