'Image Exists' Activity - Time Consuming if Image is found


Currently we are developing a robot which has to read colour codes from an application. We limit the search area to the box where the colour is to be detected and then have three Image Exists activities. One to check whether there is a Green dot, one for a Red dot and one to see if there is a dot of any other colour.

This works fine but when a colour is found, the Image Exists activity takes way longer to complete then when the result is negative. The TimeOut for every Image Exists acitivity is set to 400 ms but with a positive result the activity takes 15-20 seconds to complete. How can we avoid this delay?

The weird thing is that this time is only incurred if the image is found. So when the resulting Boolean is true. I am using UiPath.Core.Activities.ImageFound with Package UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities version 19.11.0.

In the screenshots attached you can see the application which is read. How it is set up in UiPath and most importantly you can find the logs and see that when something is found, is takes way longer to complete.


Thanks in advance!