Remotely Automate A Process

I want to remotely automate a process at a desktop. How can this be done? What are the things that need to be installed at that desktop? I also want to trigger that bot from an orchestrator. Please help.
Thank you.

Hi @ADITYA_MUKHERJEE fist you need to install Citrix applications in uipath. and mostly you need to use an activity like the image, for example, you need to click something you can use click image hover image exists like this I hope this is useful for you.


Maybe for such a broad question this would help

You need to install a Robot on that Desktop, type of “Unattended”, if yo need to activate it from Orchestrator. It is very expensive license, though. The good news is that the license will be consumed only while the robot is running, then freed up for usage at another desktop. Activating the robot can be done using API call from a third machine.

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