Remote viewing of a running process

Hi everyone, first time poster. We have a need to view a process that is being running on the production environment. We currently do this by logging into the bot profile before the job runs and then getting orchestraitor to run the job.

This has disadvantages, because the act of being in the profile affects the way the job runs and there is always the risk of interacting with the job, in addition you then cannot close the remote desktop as that affects the process running.

What I would like to know is there anything out there that will allow me to remotely view the process running.

Thank you all in advance.


Hi @jose.fernandez ,

This is the last option you should choose to login manually check the process.

1- Best way to check it from Orchestrator logs by viewing logs of running process.
2 -You can also use sql server to check the logs if that is permissible and configured on your machine.
3 - You can use recorders in you process which will record the whole process and save the file in respective folder. Later you can check the recording.


Hi Manoj
Thanks for your reply. We use all but the recorders already, but what we need is to see visually what is happening. It appears we have some differences between our Dev and Live environments as the bots react differently. A visual will help us spot the differences. In addition we have had bots freeze for no apparent reason again seeing what has happened would help.

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