How to virtually monitor test unattended bot tasks UiPath


If we have 3 developers deploying their unattended process to test environment. How can RPA developers virtually see what the bot is doing remotely on the windows server. (read only)

Do they have to RDP to remote server as service account (which has admin rights, I feel this is not ideal)?

Is there any Windows server privilege to just keep watching the robot user windows desktop on the server?


If you say visually, then you cant connect to the same machine or robot session will disconnect…

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Once after the bot gets triggered we can open that RDP session and then have a view on that process getting executed
The reason why after triggering is when you are logged in to the same server where this bot is run it will get logged out when the bot triggered
So once after getting triggered we can open the RDP and see
But ensure that we don’t move mouse or do any click as it would disturb the process
And I would say that’s not a good approach
Rather all the developers can be given with orchestrator Access from where this robot is triggers
So that they can see the logs in the orchestrator on how the bots proceeds with its execution

Cheers @sadhuvijay11

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@bcorrea @Palaniyappan thanks for the quick reply.


@Palaniyappan @bcorrea In general do developers have service account(admin access) to Unattended bot environment? Not to see the bot visually but to see the folder structure or for some other reason.

Cheers @sadhuvijay11

i would say they dont need that, they can see what the bots are doing from their developer machine and the Studio, when the processes go to a server, text logs should be sufficient…

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It’s based on the individual team structure like usually orchestrator or infrastructure team admin has that rights and Only he or she can provide the access to those developers to access that bot or orchestrator

For more details on that @sadhuvijay11


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