View Automation in real time form Orchestrator

I would like to know if there is some chance that in future releases we could be able to see from Orchestrator what our automation is processing in real time.

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While we don’t have any screen where we can see the current activity in execution, your best bet right now is using a combination of Logging (you can log right before/after important activities) and Queues (to see which item is currently being processed)

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I mean logs are doing the job right now, but it would be so cool to imagine hovering over a process or a ressource in orchestrator and see a pop up screen with the process running in real time (doesn’t matter if it’s 15 or 20 fps), that would be indeed so elegant.

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Corect, that is what I was referring to. It would be great if the next releases include this functionality.

Just to make it more clear, you want to be able from Orchestrator to see in real time a video cast from the robot machine while a process is running. Im sure there are software in the market capable of doing video sreams over ip, and i think it would be super nice to see happening.

Yes, I was talking about see in real time, or almost real time, a video cast from the working machine. I know there are software capable of doing videos screams, that’s why I thought about including this in Orchestartor.

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There are two things that I am aware provided by UiPath

  • Recording faulted jobs
  • Robot Stream

I’ve played with the 2nd one a little, it works but not ideal in my mind (not secure and something has to manual start the executable on the remote machine. I personally would RDP into the Robot host to observe the process in motion; you just need to be mindful that you don’t close or minimize the session until after the process is done working, and if you have your Robot’s set to login to the console, that RDPing into the remote host first will change the resolution.

Would be a definite plus to be able to see the screen in a temporary playback or real-time of a robot in a secure manner that doesn’t interfere with the process running.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.