Monitoring a process while being run on Orchestrator


I have been performing some tests on the Orchestrator demo, consisting on launching a process located on a virtual machine.

I have checked the process works perfectly. The only issue is that, the moment the process is launched from the Orchestrator, the remote session ends so I am not able to see the process during the execution.

Does it exist some tool on Orchestrator like a console where it could be possible to oversee the execution of the processes running at the moment in real time?

Thank you very much.

If you are writing logs, you can understand the flow of the robot in orchestrator.
I think relogin to the remote machine doesn’t stop the execution of the robot, so you can login again and monitor your robot running.


It kicks you out of the remote session because you have “LogonToConsole” set to true in the UiPath.settings file. Only one session can use the console at a time, which also means you would not be able to run more than 1 robot at the same time on that machine.

So you need to change “LogonToConsole” to false. The UiPath.settings file should be located at “C:\ProgramData\UiPath” and probably requires upper access to edit the file. Also, you need to restart the UiRobotSvc after editing.

If you do get kicked off like that however, you can relog into that session and the robot will continue to run; just don’t minimize or close the session while it is running.


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Hello ClaytonM,

Thank you very much for the quick response. I will try it.



In addition to this topic, it would also be useful to know if there exists in UiPath (as I have seen in other RPA platforms) a console where a bunch of processes could be screened at the same time in order to be able to see what they are doing in real time.

Thank you very much.