Remote Desktop Licene Issue

Hey there,

I have a Problem with the RDP Service of a Terminal Server.
There are 5 robots and all of them log in into a Terminal Server (1User per robot). When i start a job, the user logs in and i get a RDP Message (Screenshot down). The RDP is per Device CAL and everything is licensed correctly. The funny thing is, when i login per hand with one of the users, the error doesn’t appear. So the error only appears when the robot gets startet by orchestrator.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue ?

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Hi @Brandx,
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If you are on Enterprise plan please contact with our Technical Support.

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@Pablito Thank you, we contacted the TechnSupport.

kind regards

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Please share what was the problem after successful solution :slight_smile: It will help to the other users in case of similar issue :slight_smile: