A problem with UiPath Remote Desktop

Good morning,

I am having an issue where my newly built automation doesn’t work on some of the windows accounts. The robot needs to log in to the remote machine and interact with the SAAS application. Currently, we are on a high-density model where one machine hosts multiple robots. The newly built automation works perfectly fine on older windows accounts(robots) + test environment accounts(robots). Recently we have added more windows accounts with UiPath robot licenses and the newly built automation is not working on these accounts. All the windows accounts (old + new) are having the same access level and part of the same Active Directory group. I have checked downgraded/updated the UiPath.UIAutomation Activities package to see if it will makes any changes, unfortunately, no luck. Swapped the RDP user for SAAS application accounts from working accounts to the non-working ones and back no results. Had a call with our vendor who owns the SAAS applications and was told that they don’t see the UiPath Remote Driver under their services for the newer accounts. All the accounts are sharing the same RDP server where the UiPath Remote Desktop package is installed. It looks like that either there is an undocumented limitation from UiPath in the Remote Desktop package or something is not right with our newly created windows accounts. I have contacted the UiPath tech support, but so far they have recommended updating the UiPath.UIAutmation package on both server and client-side with a newer version which will take some time and planning to do. And it will impact our Production directly. If anyone had any issues that somehow close to my situation please share your thoughts and what actions did you take to solve it? Any help or suggestions are most welcomed.

If anybody is facing this kind of issue please make sure to follow the instructions on your client side. https://docs.uipath.com/studio/v2019/docs/extension-for-windows-remote-desktop#section-from-uipath-studio. As the UiPath Remote Desktop must be installed on both sides(Server/Desktop).

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