Remote desktop automation

Use case- open remote some activity
My question is does the robot continue to work even if the remote desktop gets locked?

Hi @Soumyodip_s,

yes it will work if suppose locked also.


Scenario is Uipath is installed on my localmachine…and i am opening remote desktop from local and then opening ie and doing some work… so if the remote desktop gets locked then workflow will work or not?

yea it will work.

Could you please elaborate? As per my understanding, remote desktops are treated as images so if it gets locked the image will get changed right?so how is it possible for the ie related task to work? Basically i want to know the HOW and WHY behind the idea that uipath could keep on working?

Sorry if u r running uipath from local machine you can’t.

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Yes, it will not work when screen gets locked. But You can use Image Exist for your remote Desktop, if it true then you can login into remote again and continue with your work.

Can we automate remote desktop on same mahine when machine is locked in uipath community edition?

how can you plz explain?